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How to Deal With Glass Bottles and Jars

Post time: Mar-22-2024

Nowadays, everyone's environmental awareness has increased, and many plastic packaging have been replaced by glass packaging. Therefore, we probably have some glass bottles or glass jars at home. So how should we deal with these glass bottles and glass jars? Rather than throwing away these glass bottles and jars that may still have value, why not find ways to reuse or recycle them? Of course, reuse should be more important.

The Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles and Jars
Make Wind Chimes
We may encounter small glass bottles in life, such as liquid medicine bottles. If you collect them until you have about a dozen of them, you can tie the mouths of bottles with string and then string them together. In this way you will have a glass wind chime. Hang it on your balcony or window, and you can hear the crisp and sweet sound of the glass bottle every time the wind blows over.

Make a Beautiful Vase
If you have a glass bottle with a tall mouth and a large mouth, don’t throw it away. Actually, you can clean that glass bottle, put some water in it, and then put your flowers in the bottle. This kind of glass bottle is sometimes even better looking than the vase you buy, and it costs you nothing to get. Of course, colored glass bottles are also suitable for vases.

Store Oil or Win
Compared with plastic bottles, it is healthier to store liquids in glass bottles because the substances in plastic may decompose in the liquid, but glass bottles will not do that. Moreover, using glass bottles to store oil or wine is easier to clean. These oils and wines can last a long time if you seal them well.

Store Grains or Condiments
As we all know, dried products such as preserves, grains and condiments require a dry environment to store, otherwise they will spoil quickly. At this time, our glass jars will be useful. We only need to wash the glass jars and dry them before putting cereals and condiments. If you put corresponding labels on the outside of the jars, it will be more convenient for you to take them.

Make Candle Jars
Do you want to have a homemade scented candle? Glass jars can be used as candle containers because they can withstand high temperatures and the burning temperature of the candle will not affect the glass jar. After you prepare the raw materials for the scented candle, heat them over a fire until they melt, then pour them into a glass jar, and finally wait for it to cool and take shape.

The Tips for Recycling Glass Bottles and Jars
In addition to reusing glass bottles and jars, you can also recycle them, which is also an environmentally friendly method. Glass is generally accepted in curbside recycling programs in large cities, but you should check locally. Some communities decide not to accept glass because of the high expense of transportation, the possibility of breakage, and the poor commodity value. What do we need to pay attention to when recycling glass bottles and jars? Here are some tips.
1.Be careful not to break glass bottles and jars because broken glass bottles can no longer be reused by recyclers.
2.You can keep the label/foil on, but many recyclers want you to separate the metal caps. This helps to ensure that all liquids are eliminated.
3.Glass bottles and jars are recyclable regardless of shape.

Whether you reuse or recycle glass bottles and glass jars, you contribute to environmental protection and at the same time you gain happiness and satisfaction.
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