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1. Can I have my trademark or logo embossed or de-bossed in the glass bottle?
As a feature to the mould itself, it is no problem to incorporate embossed/de-bossed features in your bottle. This is a cost effective (free) way to give your product more impact and individualize your brand. Not all detail can be achieved this way, but send us your design for review and we can let you know.

2. Can you apply decoration to my custom made bottle in China?
There are numerous types of decoration available to further customise the design of a bottle: Ceramic heat transfer printing: a method of applying a decal to the bottle that is then baked onto the surface of the glass. The cost of the label generally depends on the number of colours and its size.
For decorative patterns, see-through windows or as an overall treatment.
Full, partial or graduated coloration that is applied via a fine organic (food-safe) spray which is then baked “externally“ onto the surface of the glass. We have a portfolio of colours available or specific colours can be achieved through matching against a sample, or pantone colour. Colour can also be added into the glass material itself during production. Although many colours of glass are achievable in this way, clients may be somewhat at the disposal of the production schedule awaiting a run of a campaign of their desired colour.
Ancillary décor: metal badges, wood, plastic, wax, diamante crystals and other embossing and de-bossing.

3. Will the details of my project remain in confidential?
We work with all our clients in the strictest of confidential as a matter of course. Those that wish us to sign a confidentiality agreement to this effect; we are willing to do so. This tends to be a pre-requisite for some of the firms that work with us.

4. Do I own the moulds and designs of my custom bottle?
The client is the owner of the mould and as part of our terms of service we cannot use the mould for any other customers. Clients are at liberty to “port” the mould to any other factory, or take it back after completion of the production, if they wish to do so.

5. Is there lead or any other harmful chemicals in glass bottles from china?
The glass itself has no lead or other harmful chemicals. Upon request, Bottlesoutlet can have the bottles tested at an independent test facility to confirm.(SGS, TUV, Bureau Veritas)

6. Are the samples free or do I need to pay for them?
If you do not need a custom logo printed on the glass bottle, there will be no charge.
Just provide FedEx, DHL collect account or pay for express delivery

7. What is your MOQ?
In-stock model 1pcs or more
Custom size/design/shape, minimum order quantity 6000-10000pcs

8. Can I have a custom design and 3D samples?
Yes, we can start a new project to design a bottle according to your needs

9. What are the ways of packaging? Can you customize the packaging?
Carton packaging, pallet packaging (for export), carton & pallet combination
We can customize the finished carton according to your product concept

10. What is your lead time?
In-stock bottle type delivery time 5-10 days
Customization of new bottles takes 15-20 days, depending on the quantity ordered

11. If the bottle is defective, how is it handled?
Defective bottles, 1:1 replacement process! Need to take photos for retention
Reminder: any intentional human damage, can not be replaced or made up

12. How do you ship?
We ship small trial orders by air and express, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.
According to your needs, we arrange shipping by sea and air for large orders.
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