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Decorating & Labeling

Diverse Decorations and Labels

We work closely with clients, transferring innovative label graphic to unique custom glass bottles. Quality bottle decorations give individual glass containers aesthetic designs, new look, luxury branding,  protective function, and reinforce brand’s recognition.
Benefits of Decorative Glass Bottles
* Fresh bottle designs innovatively to give memorable impression
* Distinctive glass bottles special on shelf, win competition
* Convey brand story, increase brand value, expand brand market
* New aesthetic personalized glass bottles attract more consumers
* Strengthen brand loyalty, promote your company tenfold

Screen Printing
Screen printing on glass bottles, also called silkscreen printing, is one of the most popular glass decorating methods.  It offers a decoration of 360-degree on the glass container surface.
Advantages of screen printing:
* Direct-to-surface printing
* Water-proof, scrape-proof, moisture-proof
* No bubbling, no wrinkling
* 360-degree decoration on surface
* High-speed production
* Raised print when passing your fingers over the decors.

Decal Printing
If your brand designs are full colors printing, glass bottle decal is the ideal decoration. Decal printing allows all the colors to be printed at one time procedure.
Advantages of decal printing:
* Unlimited colors
* Sufficient space layer
* Ideal for large-scale production

Hot Stamping
Hot stamping previously imprints the logo design of image or text on the metallized foil, and then transfers on the glass container surface directly. This luxury brand decor way is usually for premium brands of liqueur, wine and spirits, oils, cosmetics, a bit higher cost than other decorations.
Advantages of Hot Stamping:
* Matellic gold, silver, copper, new rose gold, shinny printing  
* Long-life, not easy to peeling off
* High-end bottle decors, luxury design, ideal for premium brands.

Frosting glass is demanded for liquor, premium spirits and wine, beverages, cosmetics and perfume. Frosted glass wholesale frosted amber and flint glass containers, custom frosted coating to make your product look no other. Frosted glass bottles are opaque, protective for light-sensitive products.
Advantages of Frosting:
* Frosted glass bottles fit with logo printing, labels, engraving, and other.
* Translucent appearance, making inside contents mysterious and attractive.
* Frosting protects food, liquid, cosmetics safe from UV rays.
* Anti-scratch, anti-scuff, anti-water

Custom Coating (glossy, matte, gradient, partial)
Dyed glass is market trend to achieve custom glass bottles. Our factory produces custom colored glass packaging to help your products outstanding and new look on shelf. Eco 360-degree painting, glossy, matte colors, special partial spraying, gradient coating, frosting to promote your brand designs. 
Advantages of Custom Dyed Glass
* New, different, special glass appearance
* Unlimited glass colors for specific request
* Suitable with diverse bottle decorations
* Aesthetic glass bottle designs to consumers

Glass engraving and etching
Engraving and etching are special bottle decorations, popular for creating unique images, patterns, graphic designs and logos. Custom glass bottle company use laser engraving and etching for personalized glass bottles without changing glass features. Luxury high-end liquor, spirit and wine, cosmetics, glassware prefer engraving and etching to look no other on shelf.  
Advantages of engraving and etching:
* Engraved part noticeable both sight and touch
* Neatness, precise designs, no chemical 
* Suitable for flat glass surface, also curved glass
* Luxury and appealing, deeper depth
* Engraved glass with decorations, custom coating, innovative and fresh designing.

For decorative glass bottles and glass jars, label is the most traditional personalization method. It is not only a decorating option, but it speaks for your brand. In Europe, labeling is widely popular for food and drinks. 
Advantages of Labeling
* Various label shapes, oval, rectangular, square, round, customized shapes.
* All necessary texture and content visually to consumers 
* Premium hot-stamping labels available, shinny gold sight 
* Adhesive labels, removable and adjustable if wrong position
* High speed production, diverse in designs, economic cost.
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