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Custom Glass Bottles

Custom Glass Bottles From Designs To Quality Products

Custom design company develop a custom glass bottle for liquor, spirit and wine, oil, water, beverages, custom jars. With in-house mold factory, bespoke bottle maker create custom designed bottles innovatively in shapes, colors, closures for brand’s uniqueness and recognition. Personalization and customization services to exceed your customized glass expectation.

Create Custom Glass Bottles Design to Customized Products

A special custom glass bottle is the tailored signature of your product, reflecting the value and uniqueness of your brand. Design custom glass bottles from conception to commercialization, our customization specialists are with you every step. * Listen your design ideas, collect detailed requests for a custom bottle project. * Analyze and identity the feasibility of custom bottle designs * Provide bottle technical drawing, 3D graphic design * Develop custom mold, use suitable mold materials for custom-made bottles to assure highest quality * Setup physical customized bottle samples, post samples for approval * Arrange mass production of molded bottles in well-equipped factory * Inspect quality rigurously all the producton steps from materials to high-end glass products * Offer eco and quality decorations for custom glass bottle projects inprove your branding market * Suply safe packaging, personalized packages as customer’s requirements.

Customization Specialists

Focus on design originality, differentiation, we aim to create special and distinctive custom glass bottles of innovation. Our specialists of custom creation are passionate to manufacture custom bottle projects in bespoke shapes, colors, capacities, finish closures, decorating and labeling.
Special shaped custom glass bottle designs forge brand recognition, embossed, demossed, punt designs, long-neck, flint color and more.
Unique colored bottles for liquor, wine and spirits, oils, beer, medicine. Custom coating glass bottles display new look on shelf. 
Make desired bottle sizes as customer’s demand, 375 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 70 cl, 1 liter, to customized capacity for specific marketplace.
Customized closures give your product appealing unit. Traditional corks to new screw-tops, Bamboo lid, swingtops, branded caps.
Glass Material
Soda-lime glass for water, beverages, food. Luxury flint glass for premium liquor, spirit, perfume, cosmetics, also Borosilicate glass.
Decorative bottles add brand value, decorations of silkprint, frosting, metallic foil, custom spray, engrave, etching, label, individual box.
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